slot machines


SLOT MACHINES are fun but they are seemingly designed to prey on human emotions to make money for casinos. This is one aspect of the otherwise interesting game of which a majority of players are unaware.

The slot machine is a computer game, and as such can be highly addictive, and more so with the emergence of online casinos like where users can play slots online from anywhere and at any time. These are some of the major ways through which slot machines manipulate players:


1.     Sound Effects

One would always think he is winning when listening to a slot machine. Many of the underlying sounds appear to be very big wins, although they are just minor wins in reality. Sometimes it may sound like a series of beeps and bells, although the particular tones and music are scientifically designed to keep the player engaged while he keeps losing money. This makes you feel that a big win is around the corner.


2.     Bonuses and free spins

There is the free spins feature which has been included in modern slot machines. The school of thought is that free spins afford you a better chance of winning. However, in reality, the features and bonus rounds on offer, ensure that the casino has an edge over the player. The fact is that the payout one gets from a slot machine that has no free spin is no different from the payout from a slot that has free spins on offer.


3.     Nearly misses on big wins

The machines are designed to keep you pumping in those coins. The designers know that the player will keep playing if he feels he is close to a win. Therefore, if some icons align with the exception of one, you'll believe you almost won and will eventually win if you keep on playing. The fact is that anything is possible in a computer game, and they can also be manipulated.


4.     You think your supposed skill is an advantage

Skill does not absolutely require luck. Sometimes, the player might think the manner and timing he deploys in hitting a button can determine if he wins or loses but you'll always end up with negative outcomes over time.

Sometimes, slot machines can offer you choices on what to do, but the final outcome will definitely work in the casino's favor. Therefore, although you feel you are armed with the luxury of choice and your supposed skill, the reality is that your choices aren't any different from one between bad and bad. If you win, you might think it was down to your skill and decision. However, the odds still remain the same regardless of if you win or lose.