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Some Other Places That We Like

A1 PUZZLES. Interactive crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and trivia.

ADVANCED WRITERS. Quality service that will help with any of your academic homework assignments in high school or college.

AMERICAN CROSSWORD PUZZLE TOURNAMENT. The oldest and largest crossword competiton, hosted by New York Times’ crossword editor Will Shortz.

AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. Website featuring a wide range of optical illusions and other visual oddities.

ASK NICK! Famous Rochester computer guru Nick Francesco answers your questions and offers an intriguing assortment of facts, trivia and on-line games.

ASSOCIATION OF SOFTWARE PROFESSIONALS. The Association of Software Professionals is dedicated to the principle of “try-before-you-buy.”

ALL THE TRIVIA. One of the liveliest trivia sites on the Web, featuring a variety of topics.

BARELYBAD. An entertaining monograph on crossword puzzles by JohnnyG.

BECROSSWORD. Crossword player application for Pocket PC. Download puzzles directly from the Internet.

BEST CASINOS CANADA. Comparison review site featuring reviews of online casino sites and game playing guides.

BEST FOR PUZZLES. Free daily crosswords and other puzzles, crossword solving help, and heaps more puzzles, games and trivia.

CRAFTY PUZZLE COMPANY. Specializing in wooden collapsible baskets, decorative collapsible puzzles, and other mind games.

CROSSWORD SOLVER. For words with missing letters. Also features indicator word lists.

CROSSWORD ZONE.  Search by crossword clue or answer.

CROSSWORDERS’ DICTIONARY AND GAZETTEER. 6,000-page digital dictionary/gazetteer, that also includes almanac material and foreign languages.

COTTONWOOD SOFTWARE. Windows and DOS games and utilities including CommEx, common dialog extensions for Windows. Weekly contests!

CURIOSOFT KIDS GAMES. Award-winning games and puzzles for kids that introduce children to positive role models.

EFFECTIVEPAPERS ESSAY HELPER. For academic writing needs in college and school.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Educational software designed by teachers to provide a solid foundation in language arts and math. Used in over 8,000 schools.

EVERETT KASER SOFTWARE. Logic and puzzle games for PCs, including: Solitile, Sherlock, Moriarty, Descartes Enigma, and Floyd’s Bumpershoot.

FREE ANAGRAM SOLVER.  A powerful tool for unscrambling words. Whether stuck on a specific game or looking for various word combinations.

   GO UNSCRAMBLE WORDS. A free tool for finding words in any scrambled string.

HANGING HYENA. Word game solvers and creativity tools that have you laughing like a hyena as you win every game.

IQ TEST PREP.  Get an IQ score estimate when you take any of the free practice IQ tests from the IQ Test Prep website.

JENN LIBBY. Famous artist, teacher, and expert in wet plate photography.

JUMBLE SOLVER. Jumble solver and word descrambler.

LANSING STAR ONLINE. The local newspaper for Lansing, NY, features regular crosswords by Sam Bellotto Jr. and others.

LIVEWIRE PUZZLES. Clever wire disentanglement puzzles in many shapes, sizes and difficulty levels.

MACNAMARA’S BAND. An entertaining and information-packed crossword website hosted by top constructor Fred Piscop. Sample puzzles. Other goodies.

MAD DATA. Developers and publishers of family friendly 3D, puzzle and arcade games. Free game downloads.

METACROSTICS. Billed as “diabolical puzzles for your abusement and annoyment.”

MONKEYING AROUND. Challenging dot-to-dot puzzles for all ages.

NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD ANSWERS. Help solve any of the Times crossword clues you get stuck on.

PUZZLE EXPRESS. Puzzle playing software, free monthly puzzles to download and puzzles to solve online.

SOFTWARE SCIENCE, INC. Crossdown Cluebank and Quotebank both use the Topaz database engine from SSI.

TERRY STICKELS. Original frame games and more by the widely syndicated puzzlemaster.

WHAT IS DEEP FRIED. Alternative comic art and more from cartoonist Jason Yungbluth pushes the envelope a lot further than it has ever been pushed.

WISCO COMPUTING. Software for teachers—Use your vocabulary words and definitions to create crossword puzzles, word searches, quizzes, and more.

WORD PLAY CROSSWORDS. By Gayle Dean and Richard Lederer featuring 50 all new and different challenging crossword puzzles.

WORDLES. A place to have fun with words. Featuring on-line cryptograms and word searches. End


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