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IT IS SAID that a picture is worth one thousand words. That’s uniquely applicable to pictures of word puzzle software. Here is an entirely new set of screenshots of Crossdown software running on Windows 10. In fact, all the screenshots you see elsewhere on this site were grabbed off a computer running Windows 10. (Click on any image to enlarge. Click again back to page size.)

screen 01

All Crossdown software prints from WYSIWYG preview pages (above) which include a limited range of desktop publishing options.

enigma scr 01

Enigmacross presents all the elements of constructing an acrostic puzzle for easy access on the desktop: quotation grid, clues, and author-title panel.

clue scr     quote scr

Crossdown Cluebank (above left) can store up to two billion crossword puzzle clues. Crossdown Quotebank (above right) can store almost as many quotations, sorted by category.

quip scr

With Quiptics, five kinds of popular cryptograms can be generated by inputting a few parameters. Shown above is the keyword table produced by the software for encoding a quagmire cryptogram.

help scr

All Crossdown software includes in-depth, elaborately illustrated, indexed Help screens that are accessible with just one or two clicks of the mouse button.


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